frequently asked questions


  • What is the security deposit for?

The refundable security deposit is required in order to protect against damaged or missing equipment resulting from your rental. If no items are damaged or missing when I return to pick everything up, you'll receive a full refund. Since I started Dave The Karaoke Guy in 2009, I've only had one damaged item resulting from a rental.

Please note: although I request a refund on the spot from Square (my credit card processor), it can take 5-7 days or possibly longer for your refund to be pushed all the way through and for the funds to be returned to your account. I have no control over that and it depends 100% on your card issuer's refund policy. If you have any questions about the processing of your refund, please contact the financial institution that issued your card.

  • When do I pay the security deposit?

At your event, after everything is set up and I've shown you how to operate the gear. The balance of your rental fee will be due at that time as well.

  • When do you deliver my rental?

I try to arrive around two hours prior to the start of your event (or the time guests will begin arriving, whichever is earlier). In some cases - such as with the Full system if lighting is also involved - it may be as long as three hours prior. This is to allow plenty of time for parking, loading in, setting up, showing you how to use everything, taping down all of the cords & cables so no one will trip over them, plus some extra time to allow for the rare technical issue that I would need time to correct. This helps guarantee a smooth, trouble-free karaoke experience for you.

In some cases, for a variety of reasons, the venue you've rented or reserved won't allow me to arrive that far in advance and I may only have an hour or in some cases even less to do all of the above. If this is the case, please talk to your contact at the venue to see if they can be flexible about this. If not, then you might consider starting the karaoke later on in the event if you haven't arranged that already. 

There are several reasons:

1. Original manufacturer CD+G's and DVD's ensure legal and licensed karaoke files (the files I download and then burn to CD+G discs are purchased from reputable, professional karaoke sites with receipts on file).

2. If one disc has a problem and won't play, there are over 750 others in my library. If a hard drive dies, the party's over.

3. Disc-based machines allow you to play your own CD's or DVD's as well.

4. Since most commercial karaoke discs lists the songs on the disc label, a disc collection allows you to browse and discover unexpected songs that you may not have thought of singing otherwise - kind of like being in a library and browsing the stacks. I've had a client or two who never even looked at my songbooks because they spent their whole rental time browsing through the collection and skipping through the tracks on various discs to see what song was next.